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Owner and her 2 dogs in kayak on water

KATIE MIZE (Owner/Trainer)

Katie worked in the assistance dog field for over 12 years, beginning her extensive education in canine care and behavior at the bottom, as an Instructor’s Assistant carrying a shovel and hose at Guide Dogs for the Blind. Working in a kennel environment gave Katie experience in cleaning, feeding, grooming and medicating hundreds of dogs over time.

After 2 years she entered the Apprentice Trainer Program, an intensive 3 year course of study in guide dog training. Katie’s apprenticeship continued at Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), an organization that trains dogs for people with disabilities other than blindness, and resulted in her becoming a Certified Assistance Dog trainer through Assistance Dogs International (ADI). As a professional trainer Katie specializes in the evaluation, training and placement of multiple types of Assistance Dogs. She was promoted to the Graduate Program Manager at CCI where she assisted 300+ client/dog teams to ensure their continued success. As rewarding as her career was, the longing to be back in the mountains and her home of North Lake Tahoe was greater. In 2008 Katie moved back to Tahoe where she’s continued training privately, sharing her keen observation of canine behavior to help nurture the bond between Man and Best Friend.

Lark and Elani training assistants
LARK, ELANI and KAIPO(Training assistants)

Retrievers Lark and Elani are Career Changes (AKA flunkies) from the CCI program and are Katie’s constant companions. They are an integral part of the training program serving as “real world” distractions and as canine role models that client dogs can emulate for proper behavioral responses in stimulating environments.
Training assistants on Tahoe
KAIPO came to us from our local Humane Society. It was love at first sight with his tuxedo good looks and his awesome temperament. He works with dogs with high prey drive.
Owner and her two dogs on Tahoe